Friday, November 30, 2007

Questions for Dunmore

  • What is white pizza?
  • You mentioned that you have a lot of game systems, what stores did you buy these at?
  • Is the Buck your mascot for all the schools in your district?
  • What kind of movies do you watch?
  • Do you like the Eagles or the Steelers?

Thanks for all of your comments! We had fun reading them!


AA said...

Hi,my name is Aaron. For the person who asked what stores we have to get game system I get mine at Game Stop,E.B.Games,Bestbuy Walmart,and Kmart. I also have a Wii

Stephen said...

Hey! Im Stephen! I go To The DEC.In The Scranton,Pa aera.Scranton is home to the T.V show (The Office)!

White Pizza is pizza with no sauce!

I Really Don't Play video games!

Yes The Buck is the logo for all the schools in the district

I like to watch funny movies.With Adam Sandler in them!

The Phidelphia Eagles are The Best football team!

shannon said...

Heyy my name is Shannon and I go to Dumnore Elementry Center.I am in 6th grade.
You want to know what white pizza is this is what it is ------ it is pizza without any sauce and it has onions on it.They have it best at nina's.
The Buck is for the High school football and the Oliers are for our middle school and Elementry.

I don't like the Stellers or the Eagles I like the Cowboys.

We watch tons of movies. My Favorite moves are "Bring it On"
"Sweet Home Alabama" and "The Notebok". OOO and their is one more "Mean Girls".
One place to get games is EB GAmes

Deny said...

Heyy my name is Deny
I am also from Illinois!!!
My favorite movie is Blade Trinity
It is about a half blood vampire named Blade and his fights with Drako (Dracula) and his friend Whistler. My favorite President is Abraham Lincon!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi my name is danny and i am the coolest kid in dunmore and i am 13 and i play on 2 basketball teams and my nickname is big beef and i am in 6th grade and r football team is in the finals and white pizza is horabal and the chicago bears r the best in the nfl and they should win the super bowl and r mascot is the buck only us . and r starting there season off 1-1 and r football team is 12-1.and i have 5 teachers .

sissy said...

HI! My name is Somer. I go to Dunmore Elementry Center. My grade is sixth. Your question about the buck being everyones mascot was awesome. The answer to that is no. It's only my schools mascot. I have a question for you. What is your schools mascot? Haveyou ever any or seen of the Harry Potter movies or books? My favorite actor is Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry.Evryone tells me I look like Hermione Granger. If you were wondering about our football team your question is answered. WE'RE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO MUCH FUNTALKING TO YOU.

Deny said...

This is Deny again
I buy most of my games at Gamestop or EB Games. They have the biggest sellection I have ever seen!!!!!!

Danielle said...

Hi!:) My name is Danielle and I go to Dunmore Elementary Center.White pizza is very good.It doesn't have sauce though!! It does have cheese! Do you call your pizzas pies or pizzas? I buy most of my game systems at game stop,,Walmart,K-mart,and Target. The Buck is only our school mascot,there are different mascots for different schools. I like to watch funny movies like Open Season.I like the Eagles.

sk8er boy said...

Hi my name is sk8er asked about vido games. you can buy them at wall mart p.s.where you shop favorite move is city of dogs,it`s a skate bording move.and no i don`t like the Egiels or the steerlers.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Matt. I love the New York Yankees.

White pizza is bread with cheese, garlic but with no sause.

I bought my wii and PS2 at EBgames.
No, Holy cross doesn't have a buck as a mascot.

I like to watch comedy movies such as my favorite movie Wild Hogs.

I like the Eagles.

Do you like the boston Red Sox or the New York Yankees. If you don't know what sport they play they play baseball.

What sports do you play?

Krista said...

Hi my name is Krista and i'm a sixth grader at Dunmore Elementry.Our high school football team is in the playoffs and only lost one game so far.White pizza is really good it's pretty much like regular pizza but it doesn't have sauce on it and it has a different kind of cheese on it.The Buck is only the mascot for Dunmore,other schools have different mascots.It doesn't matter to me about the Eagles or the Steelers because i don't really watch football.My favorite restraunt is Red Robin do you have them there?

Rae said...

Hey everyone! My name is Rae (Rachel) I am from P.A. I go to the Dunmore Elm. Center. White pizza is pizza without sauce. I really don't care where I shop so I don't know where i shop. The buck is our mascot. ~Go Bucks!~

Suey said...

Hi i'm Anna and i go to Dunmore Elementry Center. I don't play any sports here b/c it is my first year. There is really not alot of crime in dunmore. I shop at Aero,american eagle,and Wet Seal.i shop for games in eb games.I have a Wii,and an ipod.I don't like the Eagles or the Stellers.I like the Patriots.

Anonymous said...

Hi,my name is Roy.For the person that asked what white pizza is, its a pizza with no sauce.And...
I like the "taco" nachos at the school!!!
Now...READ THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Timmy said...

Hey! My names Tim.I go to the Dunmore Elm. Center.I'm in sixth grade and my nickname is Tiny Tim. Its very obvious I'm short.(im probably the shortest in the grade)And there's no doubt i've got the best looks in the grade. I like baseball,golf,basketball.White pizza is pretty good. The poor excuse for white pizza that the lunch ladies serve is disgusting. I like watching movies. Comedy is my favorite type of movie. My favorite comedy movie is Happy Gilmore. I like anything with Adam Sandler. I get my games from Best Buy and EB Games. I don't like the Eagles or the Steelers. Im a Dallas Cowboys Fan. My friend Leif is from Texas. Too bad he hates football.P.S. How about them Bears they are almost as bad as the CUBBIES. LOL!!!!

JAWS300 said...

yo my name is u know me i am 13 i go to dunmore and i play football and basketball they call me jaws i love playing halo3

BUCKS 12-1



Anonymous said...



BUCKS 12-1


kk said...

i do not like the steelers or the eagles i like the new england patriots

Katie said...

Hi I'm Katie I go to Dunmore Elmentary Center. Our school maskot is the buck. Guess what? Our football team is going to hershey for the state championship!

Jillian said...

Hi my name is Jillian and I go to the Dunmore Elemantery Center.The buck is for the whole school distract.Our mascot is a Lady Buck.The football team is doing really good and where going for the state title Saturday at Hershey.I like to play basketball,softball,and volleyball. Do you have the sport volleyball?

Adrien said...

Hi Im Adrien I Like To Play Sports
Like Soccor , Baseball.I Go To The
D.E.C. School.

doc said...

Hi my nickname is "Doc".I am a sixth grade student at the Dunmore Elementary Center.White pizza is pizza without sauce.The buck is not the mascot for all the schools in Dunmore.It is only the Dunmore schools mascot.My favorite team is the Eagles.What is your favorite college football team?Mine is Penn State. Some of my favorite movies are The Longest Yard and The Combacks.Lets go Eagles and Penn State!